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If you need help with your blocked sewer drain or blocked stormwater drain, we can help you out. We can clear clogged waste pipes in your bathroom, toilet, laundry or kitchen. We also clear external sewer and stormwater drains, using an electric drain cleaning machine, and carry out repairs to sewer and stormwater pipes that have been penetrated and cracked by tree roots.

Burst Pipes

If a water or gas pipe leaks, we can provide emergency repairs on site with minimal utility service down time. We can repair and replace PVC pipes, poly pipes, polybutelyne pipes, copper pipes and galvanised pipes.

Laundry, Kitchen & Bathroom

Fraser’s Plumbing can carry out various plumbing jobs relating to your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. We can repair or install new toilet pans or cisterns. We can install your vanity, install your basin and tap ware, install baths, fix your leaking bathroom taps and outlets, repair leaking breeches, replace shower heads and bath outlets, clear any blocked waste pipe in your bathroom. Installation or replacement of kitchen sinks and laundry troughs are all part of our job.

At Fraser’s Plumbing we are able to install your new dishwasher, running water supply lines and waste pipes to the unit, or we can remove your old dishwasher and fit a new replacement unit.

Our plumbers carry a basic range of sink, bathroom, laundry and mixer taps. More extensive ranges of taps and bathroom ware are available from the local plumbing supply stores and can be accessed by our plumbers.


So you finally got that money together for the extension. Whether you are extending the house or updating your old style kitchen, bathroom or laundry, you are most likely going to need a plumber.

Fraser’s Plumbing have 40 years’ experience in renovation work that will show when you need someone who can work with other trades people so that your renovation takes weeks rather than months or years. We will fit your new room up in the way that is timely and cost effective.

Toilets & Cisterns

If you have a leaking or blocked toilet, if your toilet cistern or pan is in need of replacement, Fraser’s Plumbing can repair or replace your toilet today. Our plumbers carry float valves, cistern cocks and most cistern washers so we can fix your toilet on the spot.


Sheet Metal

Fraser’s Plumbing has a fully equipped sheet metal workshop that fabricates a wide range of products. We manufacture stainless steel and galvanized flues for heating purposes, roof flashings, air conditioner flashings and metal ductwork, box gutters, zinc and colourbond rainheads and sumps, zinc and stainless steel cowls. We can carry out metal guillotining, folding and spot welding up to 1mm thickness. We can also produce spouting angles, spouting pops and downpipe angles.

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