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Stay Comfortable

For over 45 years Fraser’s Plumbing have specialized in Evaporative Air-Conditioning.

Evaporative cooling will keep your family comfortable on the hottest of summer days. Not only is it the most efficient and cost effective way to cool your entire home, but evaporative cooling uses only natural, fresh, clean air to condition your home. Evaporative cooling operates with your doors and windows open, so the air in your home is constantly replaced with fresh, cool, filtered air at least every two minutes. This differs from refrigerated air conditioning which continually re-cycles the same stale air around a closed up home.

Fraser’s Plumbing are an authorised dealer for Seeley International, Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, and an award winning world leader in developing ingenious, innovative energy efficient cooling and heating products.

They manufacture iconic evaporative air-conditioner brand names Breezair, Braemar and Coolair names which have been market leaders in Australia for many years.

We are happy to provide you with a FREE quotation for all types of evaporative air-conditioning applications. New homes, existing homes, renovations, replacing old air-conditioners with new, shops and commercial properties are our speciality.

If your air conditioner needs servicing or repairs, we have a team of trained, experienced servicemen who can keep your air conditioner running when you need it most on those hot summer days.

We are also dealers for Braemar inverter Hi Wall Split System air-conditioners, Seeley International through their dealer network Australia wide.


Click on the individual logos below to see each brands' range of evaporative units;

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