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Over 45 years servicing Mildura and surrounding districts, building a solid reputation for professional and reliable service.

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About Us

Fraser’s Plumbing was established in 1977 and for the past 47 years has serviced the Mildura and surrounding district, building a solid reputation for professional and reliable service.

You will find that both management and our highly skilled qualified tradesmen have extensive experience and knowledge in many diverse fields ranging from:

  • General Plumbing

  • Roofing

  • Electric, Gas and Solar Hot Water Services

  • Evaporative Air Conditioning Sales and Service

  • Split System Wall Air Conditioners

  • Wood and Gas Heating Sales and Service

  • Sheet Metal Work

These are only some of the fields that we specialize in.

In 2006, we moved into a new showroom and workshop at 238 Etiwanda Avenue, Mildura and have on display leading brands of evaporative air conditioners, gas heaters, wood heaters and electric, gas and solar hot water systems.

Our showroom is open 5 days a week Monday to Friday.

Trading Hours

Mon-Fri 8.00am to 4.00pm

Sat-Sun - Closed

We are happy to provide free quotations on the supply and installation of our products and we offer 24 hour emergency service.

For more information browse through our website or contact us on phone 5021 2388 or email us on


Services Available

How Can We Help You?

Fraser’s Plumbing offers a huge range of plumbing services. If convenience and speed are important to you, contact Fraser’s Plumbing today. We are ready and available to fix your blocked drains, blocked toilets, blocked gutters, water leaks, gas leaks, roof leaks, leaking taps and waste pipes.
For professional, reliable, skilled, knowledgeable and efficient plumbing maintenance, Fraser’s Plumbing is the company for you.


If you need help with your blocked sewer drain or blocked stormwater drain, we can help you out. We can clear clogged waste pipes in your bathroom, toilet, laundry or kitchen. We also clear external sewer and stormwater drains, using an electric drain cleaning machine, and carry out repairs to sewer and stormwater pipes that have been penetrated and cracked by tree roots.

Burst Pipes

If a water or gas pipe leaks, we can provide emergency repairs on site with minimal utility service down time. We can repair and replace PVC pipes, poly pipes, polybuteline pipes, copper pipes and galvanised pipes.

Laundry, Kitchen & Bathroom

Fraser’s Plumbing can carry out various plumbing jobs relating to your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. We can repair or install new toilet pans or cisterns. We can install your vanity, install your basin and tap ware, install baths, fix your leaking bathroom taps and outlets, repair leaking breeches, replace shower heads and bath outlets, clear any blocked waste pipe in your bathroom. Installation or replacement of kitchen sinks and laundry troughs are all part of our job.

At Fraser’s Plumbing we are able to install your new dishwasher, running water supply lines and waste pipes to the unit, or we can remove your old dishwasher and fit a new replacement unit.

Our plumbers carry a basic range of sink, bathroom, laundry and mixer taps. More extensive ranges of taps and bathroom ware are available from the local plumbing supply stores and can be accessed by our plumbers.


So you finally got that money together for the extension. Whether you are extending the house or updating your old style kitchen, bathroom or laundry, you are most likely going to need a plumber.

Fraser’s Plumbing have 40 years’ experience in renovation work that will show when you need someone who can work with other trades people so that your renovation takes weeks rather than months or years. We will fit your new room up in the way that is timely and cost effective.

Toilets & Cisterns

If you have a leaking or blocked toilet, if your toilet cistern or pan is in need of replacement, Fraser’s Plumbing can repair or replace your toilet today. Our plumbers carry float valves, cistern cocks and most cistern washers so we can fix your toilet on the spot.


Want to repair or replace your existing roof with a new metal roof. Fraser’s Plumbing are experts in the maintenance and repair of roofs in the Sunraysia area. Our plumbers are fully experienced in all aspects of repairing and restoring your roof. We also provide emergency assistance for leaking or damaged roofs following storm damage.

We can provide you with a quotation for:

  • Metal, Zincalume and Colorbond roof repair and replacement

  • Roof leak repairs

  • Restoration of metal roofs

  • Roof guttering repairs

  • Roof gutter and downpipe replacement

  • Flashing repairs and replacement

  • Guttering and downpipe cleaning

  • Polycarbonate roofing replacement to pergolas and decks

  • Insurance reports

Sheet Metal

Fraser’s Plumbing has a fully equipped sheet metal workshop that fabricates a wide range of products. We manufacture stainless steel and galvanized flues for heating purposes, roof flashings, air conditioner flashings and metal ductwork, box gutters, zinc and colorbond rain heads and sumps, zinc and stainless steel cowls. We can carry out metal guillotining, folding and spot welding up to 1mm thickness. We can also produce spouting angles, spouting pops and downpipe angles.


For over 40 years Fraser’s Plumbing have specialized in Evaporative Air Conditioning.
Evaporative cooling will keep your family comfortable on the hottest of summer days. Not only is it the most efficient and cost effective way to cool your entire home, but evaporative cooling uses only natural, fresh, clean air to condition your home. Evaporative cooling operates with your doors and windows open, so the air in your home is constantly replaced with fresh, cool, filtered air at least every two minutes. This differs from refrigerated air conditioning which continually re-cycles the same stale air around a closed up home.
Fraser’s Plumbing are an authorised dealer for Seeley International, Australia’s largest air conditioning manufacturer, and an award winning world leader in developing ingenious, innovative energy efficient cooling and heating products.
They manufacture iconic evaporative air conditioner brand names
*Braemar *Breezair *Coolair names which have been market leaders in Australia for many years.
We are happy to provide you with a Free quotation for all types of evaporative air conditioning applications. New homes, existing homes, renovations, replacing old air conditioners with new, shops and commercial properties are our speciality.
If your air conditioner needs servicing or repairs, we have a team of trained, experienced servicemen who can keep your air conditioner running when you need it most on those hot summer days.
We are also dealers for Braemar inverter hi wall split system air conditioners, Seeley International through their dealer network Australia wide.

Hot Water - Electric/Gas/Solar


If your electric hot water unit suddenly and unexpectantly bursts, Fraser’s Plumbing can have you showering and washing again the very same day by installing a replacement electric hot water unit. We can supply all sizes and brands, and organize the electrical connection to have you back with hot water as quickly as possible.


Nowadays we are seeing a shift away from traditional storage hot water systems towards continuous flow or instantaneous systems. Using one of these units your water is heated only as you use it, when you turn the tap on. This makes the systems quite small and is ideal for people who have little storage space outside of their home. Hot water is produced, as you need it, which means you are never going to run out of hot water. This also provides lower running costs and reduces greenhouse gas emissions substantially. These units can be either natural gas or lpg gas

If you are removing an existing electric hot water unit and replacing with a gas continuous flow unit, there currently is a generous Victorian government rebate available for Victorian residents and Fraser’s Plumbing can provide a quotation for the supply and installation of a unit with the rebates deducted from the amount you pay.

Fraser’s Plumbing are suppliers of the Rheem Metro range of continuous flow gas hot water units which is Australia’s largest selling unit. We can also supply Bosch and Rinnai units through our Elgas dealership buying power.


Solar hot water heating is a simple and effective way of reducing your hot water energy needs as it heats water directly from the sun at no cost to you. These days we’re all more conscious of the impact our energy use has on the environment, so we want to make sure we choose the most energy efficient system possible while still meeting our needs for hot water.

Solar hot water heating has a number of benefits. Not only do you reduce your household energy costs by harnessing a natural and renewable energy source to power your hot water system, but you also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing a solar hot water system is a great idea if you wish to do something positive for the environment, all while saving money.

All solar hot water systems have a booster. The booster is simply a backstop to make sure you always have hot water available, such as during cloudy or rainy weather or during the winter months. It also operates should you exhaust the stored water on those occasions when an extra family stays for the weekend.

There are two methods of boosting your solar hot water unit.

Gas boost – an in-line gas booster detects the temperature of the pre-heated water from the cylinder. Gas boosting automatically operates only when necessary to maintain full delivery temperature. Gas boosters operate only on demand and have the additional benefit of never running out of hot water. These units are available with natural gas or lpg gas boosters.
Electric boost – an electric element at the bottom of the cylinder connected to off peak power re-heats the water at night if required.
In Sunraysia we live in a frost prone area and it is mandatory to install frost tolerant solar collectors with your solar hot water system. This eliminates the risk of water freezing in the collectors and water lines. Frost tolerant collectors are also required in this area to enable the consumer to claim generous government rebates that are on offer.

There are state and federal government rebates available for purchasers of solar hot water systems and we at Fraser’s Plumbing have many years’ experience in processing and claiming the rebates available. We can take the worry out of claiming rebates and making the whole process very simple for you.

Fraser’s Plumbing recommend and sell the Rheem range of solar hot water systems in gas or electric boosted. Call Fraser’s Plumbing and we will arrange a time to inspect and discuss your solar hot water requirements, and provide you with a very competitive quotation.

Heating - Wood & Gas

Wood Heating

Wood heaters are back! With the rising costs of electricity and gas, in recent year’s combustion wood heaters have re-established themselves as a viable heating alternative.

Fraser’s Plumbing are stockists of Coonara wood heaters. An iconic name in home heating in Australia, Coonara is Australia’s most popular brand of wood heater. Other brands available to us are Jindara, Heat Charm and Arrow. Also we have access to spare parts for your old wood heater; baffles, firebricks, side plates, etc.

All the brands that we sell are Australian made and have been on the market for many years, so warranty back up and spare parts are readily available. Each brand has a range of heaters to heat small areas to large houses up to 30 sq.‘s. You can choose freestanding heaters, or if you have a fireplace in your home you can install an inbuilt wood heater into that fireplace.

We have a display of wood heaters in our showroom at 238 Etiwanda Avenue, Mildura or we can come to your home to advise and quote on your wood heating requirements.

Gas Log Fire

For those of you who desire the beauty and atmosphere of wood heating without the work, the ambience, efficiency and convenience of a gas log fire are unmatched. With one push of a button, you can enjoy the wrap around warmth of a stylish, decorative yet functional gas log fire heater.

Fraser’s Plumbing is proud to be the dealer in the Sunraysia area for the extensive range of Coonara free standing and inbuilt gas log fires. Coonara gas log fires are amongst the most efficient gas log fire heaters available, with all their heaters being between 4 and 5 star rating.

This is the way of the future as energy prices rise worldwide, so come down to Fraser’s Plumbing at 238 Etiwanda Avenue, Mildura and our trained staff will help and discuss your requirements.

Being an Elgas Hot Shop we sell the range of Rinnai gas log fires which are featured in their annual heating catalogue. These catalogues are distributed to almost every household in Sunraysia and is full of gas appliances at discounted prices, all of which are available to Fraser’s Plumbing.

Gas Ducted

Gas ducted heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. Using the latest technology, gas ducted heating gives you the efficiency, convenience and versatility to keep you warm all winter, no matter how cold it is outside.

The unit can be installed internally with ducting run throughout your roof to provide points in all rooms with ceiling registers, or if your house is built on stumps the unit can be installed externally with ducting running under the floor to service all rooms via floor vents. These units come with 3, 4, 5 & 6 star efficiency ratings, and on the 5 and 6 star units, you have the ability to zone the system, meaning you can switch off areas not requiring heat.

Fraser’s Plumbing for many years have been selling and installing Braemar gas ducted heating systems, Australia’s leading and most efficient range of ducted gas heaters.

Phone, email or contact us via the “contact us” page on our website to organise your obligation FREE consultation and quote.

Gas Space Heating

Heating a lounge room, family room, rumpus room or kitchen area has never been easier with the latest range of flued gas space heaters. With a wide range of gas heaters to choose from, there is a model just right for your home.

We have available all the leading brands of heaters. From the extensive range of Rinnai radiant and convection heaters, to the Braemar power flued wall furnace heaters. All providing you with efficient, compact, clean and environmentally friendly ways of heating any room you choose.

Fraser’s Plumbing has a longstanding relationship with Elgas, and being an Elgas hot shop, we have access to their buying power. Yearly Elgas catalogue is available to view online.

Gas Servicing

At Fraser’s Plumbing we have qualified, experienced gas fitters. We can carry out pre- season servicing to your gas heater to ensure it operates safely and efficiently during the cold winter months.
From gas heaters and gas hot water systems to gas cooktops and stoves, we can locate and repair any problems with your gas appliance.
5021 2388 email or contact us via this website to book your gas appliance service and we will promptly attend your needs.

24 Hour Service/7 Days

Fraser's Plumbing have qualified technicians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for that urgent job that just can't wait. Call us on 5021 2388 when everything goes to 💩!

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