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solar-2Solar hot water heating is a simple and effective way of reducing your hot water energy needs as it heats water directly from the sun at no cost to you. These days we’re all more conscious of the impact our energy use has on the environment, so we want to make sure we choose the most energy efficient system possible while still meeting our needs for hot water.

Solar hot water heating has a number of benefits. Not only do you reduce your household energy costs by harnessing a natural and renewable energy source to power your hot water system, but you also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing a solar hot water system is a great idea if you wish to do something positive for the environment, all while saving money.

All solar hot water systems have a booster. The booster is simply a backstop to make sure you always have hot water available, such as during cloudy or rainy weather or during the winter months. It also operates should you exhaust the stored water on those occasions when an extra family stays for the weekend.

There are two methods of boosting your solar hot water unit.

Gas boost – an in-line gas booster detects the temperature of the pre-heated water from the cylinder. Gas boosting automatically operates only when necessary to maintain full delivery temperature. Gas boosters operate only on demand and have the additional benefit of never running out of hot water. These units are available with natural gas or lpg gas boosters.
Electric boost – an electric element at the bottom of the cylinder connected to off peak power re-heats the water at night if required.
solar-1In Sunraysia we live in a frost prone area and it is mandatory to install frost tolerant solar collectors with your solar hot water system. This eliminates the risk of water freezing in the collectors and water lines. Frost tolerant collectors are also required in this area to enable the consumer to claim generous government rebates that are on offer.

There are state and federal government rebates available for purchasers of solar hot water systems and we at Fraser’s Plumbing have many years’ experience in processing and claiming the rebates available. We can take the worry out of claiming rebates and making the whole process very simple for you.

Fraser’s Plumbing recommend and sell the Rinnai Sunmaster range of solar hot water systems in gas or electric boosted. Call Fraser’s Plumbing and we will arrange a time to inspect and discuss your solar hot water requirements, and provide you with a very competitive quotation.